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Toothbrush for Braces

Wearing braces for correcting the irregular pattern of teeth is only half of the job done. You need to devote additional time and energy to your oral hygiene and maintenance from the moment you have braces on. It always helps to carry a portable dental kit when you have braces on. The kit should ideally include

• Your regular toothbrush or a travel toothbrush
• Toothpaste
• Spiral Dental Brush
• Dental Wax
• Folding cup
• Floss threaders and dental floss
• Interdental picks
• Tissues
• Mirror

This portable kit comes in handy especially when you are traveling and you have all your necessary dental supplies with you.

There are a number of good electric and regular toothbrushes in the market that can be used to clean your teeth. There are some brands which have specifically designed toothbrush for braces. When you are wearing braces, it is difficult to maneuver the brush around the different corners of the mouth. It becomes difficult therefore if you are using the regular toothbrush to clean your teeth effectively. These toothbrushes have an angular head and handle that makes it easy to reach all corners of the mouth. The bristles are soft and rounded so that it is much more soft on the gums.

While you are using a toothbrush for braces, it might take little longer than usual to brush your teeth. You need to place the brush against the gums and be careful not to hold it against the braces. Gently move the brush head in circular motion. This will help to clear away plaque or food particles that might have been deposited at the base of the teeth.

Now you need to gently move the bristles under the wires of the bristles. Begin from the upper set of teeth and then move on the lower set. You might have to push the bristles while doing so. However, it is necessary to clean your teeth properly while wearing braces as food particles tend to get easily stuck on the wires of the braces. Maintaining oral hygiene will help to prevent tooth decay.

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